B&K General Store – Feed, Tack, & Hardware – Located in Burgaw, North Carolina

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B&K General Store – Feed, Tack, & Hardware – Located in Burgaw, North Carolina

This small hometown hardware, feed & tack store is the jewel of the community. This popular general store has customers flocking from all parts of the Carolinas, literally to see what the new “Flock” of the day is. The staff at B&K are friendly and helpful. They strive to create a fun and caring atmosphere for there customers. Brian and Kara consistently go out of their way to do whatever it takes to make sure each customer finds what they need.

Customer Service

Their above and beyond work ethic makes shopping at B&K an awesome experience. Located at 315 US Highway 117 S, in Burgaw NC, be sure to stop in often to see the variety of baby chicks and ducks. As the saying goes at B&K, “Money can’t buy happiness, it can buy chickens, and chickens lay eggs, and breakfast makes you Happy!” During the Late winter and early Spring, the baby chicks start to arrive. Be sure to make your way to B&K to see the new arrivals. Chicks are not the only furry ones to make an appearance at B&K. This General Store also has adult chickens, ducklings, and adult ducks. In addition to the furry ones, you can find many varieties of feed for your animals. Nutrition is a large part of your animal’s well-being, appearance and quality of life.

Other products

Tribute Equine Nutrition has gained in popularity, and the folks at B&K are happy to hear all the positive feedback for their customers. When the animals are happy, so are the customers, and so are the folks at B&K. Be sure to stop by when in Burgaw, NC. Call for 910-259-5200 for information, store hours, and directions. You can find B&K General Store advertised on local billboards. The ads are provided by Grey Outdoor Billboard Advertising (www.greyoutdoor.com). Contact Grey Outdoor at 910-620-5168.

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