Southport NC Billboards Purchased by Grey Outdoor

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Southport NC Billboards

Grey Outdoor Purchases 4 Southport NC Billboards

Grey Outdoor LLC announced the purchase of 4 Southport NC Billboards from PSAZ Properties LLC.  The purchase included 2 10×30 Ft Billboard Structures and 2 Sites for Additional 10×30 Ft Billboard Structures.  Two of the signs are located on Highway 133 and two are located on Highway 87 just outside the town of Southport NC.

The Transaction

Two of the billboard structures had been destroyed during the Hurricane Matthew and were recently rebuilt.  PSAZ Properties had other companies wanting to rebuild the signs for them but they weren’t sure that was the way they wanted to move forward.  They were looking for the right company to work with and found Grey Vick through mutual business contacts.  Grey informed them of all their options when looking at a billboard transaction.  PSAZ properties (being the landowner where the signs were located) allowed Grey to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Grey would rebuild and own all the sign structures and give them a good return for their land space.

The two signs that blew down were permitted to be rebuilt by the State & County as a hurricane rebuilt for the Southport area.  No permit fees were paid for the rebuilds.  Grey has completed both of the sign structures and 7 of 8 signs are rented.  All of the sign structures were engineered by Thompson Engineering to local code for Southport NC billboards.

PSAZ Properties LLC

PSAZ Properties LLC is owned by Paul Sazani of Southport NC who is also the owner of TaxPro, Inc in Southport NC.  To learn more about their business go to or call them at 910-454-0008 and speak to Jackie or Paul.

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