Leasing – Receive a continual cash flow stream by leasing your property for a billboard. Increase the value of your property through billboard rental income. Our typical lease payment to a landowner is around 10-18% of the gross sign rental

Easement – Receive a lump sum for your billboard location without selling your property or affecting the value of your land. An Easement is selling the rights for the billboard company to maintain the billboard on your property. You are not selling the land, however you are selling the right for the sign to remain perpetually. This is a great option for certain properties or landowner situations

Sell Your Property – We are real estate experts and can typically construct an offer to buy your highway property. We can close quickly and have

We are always in the market for new billboard sites to develop. If you believe you have a property that would qualify for a billboard call Grey Vick at 910-620-5168.

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