Parker Bark – Mulch, Nursery Mixes & Compost – Located in Rose Hill, NC

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Parker Bark – Mulch, Nursery Mixes & Compost – Located in Rose Hill, NC

Parker Bark is one of the largest wholesale manufacturers of potting media and mulches in North Carolina. The company was founded in 1983 by Tommy Parker and they operate a 50-acre facility in Rose Hill, NC. Since then, millions of nursery plants have been grown in their potting media. Their quality mulch products have been used in landscapes throughout North Carolina and the surrounding areas.


They produce and deliver high quality pine bark nuggets, pine bark mini-chips, pine bark mulch, double shredded hardwood bark, colored mulches, cypress mulch, certified playground material, certified compost, manufactured topsoil, soil conditioner, potting media and nursery mixes. They can create custom mixes to match each client’s individual needs. The custom mixes can consist of pine bark, sand, peat, perlite, lime, micronutrients, fertilizers, and insecticides. They offer both continuous and batch mixing abilities and have delivered consistent, custom mixes to some of the largest and smallest nurseries in the country.


They have a large fleet of delivery trucks consisting of walking floor trailers and dump trucks. This allows Parker Bark to deliver up to 100 cubic yards per load. Orders are generally delivered within 2 to 3 days. Call 800-346-4627 to place your order today. Parker Bark Company is one of only six companies in North Carolina which has IPEMA certified playground safety material. Their PlayCushion® is tested for wheel chair accessibility by an independent laboratory and meets all ADA standards. PlayCushion® has passed IPEMA’s independent ASTM research tests for head impact safety, appropriate size, lack of any toxins and lack of metals.


They also manufacture products used by NC State University. The Parker Bark formula is composted pine bark fines, sand, lime and micronutrients. You can see a full selection of products on their website:, and while in the area, check out the billboards advertising Parker Bark. The billboards are provided by Grey Outdoor Billboard Advertising (