Charleston SC Billboards Available For Rent

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Charleston SC Billboards Available For Rent

We have several Charleston SC billboards available for rent that will help you grow your business. We have locations in and around Charleston, South Carolina. Please view all of the billboard locations we have available by clicking LOCATIONS.

High Quality Lighted Billboard Structures

Most of our billboard signs are high quality structures which are lighted at night. We provide quick turnaround and high quality artwork. We differentiate our business from other big companies through the quick response time and flexibility of small company. Our team will quickly respond to your needs and be flexible in any situation that arises.

Charleston SC Billboards For Rent

Charleston SC Billboards For Rent

We also help with billboard advertising placement in areas where we do not have coverage. Call us today to find out how we can help you grow your business with outdoor advertising billboard signs. Email us at and we will respond immediately to your requests.

Billboards To Grow Your Business

We have several billboards that are great to grow your business in this expanding area and many other areas throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Our billboards are all located at high quality locations with high traffic counts and great visibility.

Get the Best Results from your Billboard Advertising Campaign

In order to get the most out of your billboard advertising campaign you need to keep you message simple and easy to read. 5-7 words max for a billboard advertisement. You will also need to keep a high contrast of colors on the design and use bold text to be read easily. Almost all of our billboards are lit.  We also utilize digital billboards .  Solar powered lights are used where it is difficult to get grid power.

Digital Signs are a great way to educate, entertain, remind and drive new and repeat customers to your business.  We can quickly change your message or add a new message when you are advertising on a digital billboard.

Charleston SC Billboards Available For Rent

We have both digital and standard billboards.  Most of them are lighted.  We install solar lights in areas where electricity is not available.  Ask about our digital billboards!  There are many more options.  We can do a lot with the new Digital signs.

The cost for our sign structures vary between $200/Month – $1,200/Month Depending on the location. Call us today to find out more information. 1-910-620-5168

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