Eyemark Media – Media Buying and Planning Specialists – Charlotte North Carolina

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Eyemark Media – Media Buying and Planning Specialists – Charlotte North Carolina

Eyemark Media, located in Charlotte, North Carolina specializes in negotiating the very best deal for your media campaign. While you build and grow your business, Eyemarks seasoned media buyers work with multiple media vendors. This will help you to get you the very best return on your media investment. As a business owner, you are an expert at what you do, you know the ins and outs of your business, your customer’s needs, and how your staff or vendors will create products and services to meet those needs. Business Owners can become so immersed in the day to day operations, there is little or no time to promote their business. Eyemark media can help.

Business Promotion

Promoting your business is a priority at Eyemark Media They are an experienced team of media experts. Whether it’s Print, Broadcast, Digital, Out-of –Home or Direct Mail, the team will analyze and research all buying options for small or large campaigns. They will also negotiate the lowest possible prices. Eyemark Media will help you find the right combination to reach your target audience. Their Broadcast Media TV campaigns will give you a large local reach or a national audience. Color, sound and audio are top quality and produce compelling video and audio. Radio broadcasting will allow you to change your campaign frequently and can target a specific audience. The product costs are low and a very short lead time to start. The digital age is here, and the internet is a wide open inter-active playground.

Online Advertising

Eyemark Media offers Pay-Per-Click advertising, which has become the common practice of buying visits to your website. PPC is cost effective, because customers only pay, when someone clicks on their advertisement. Banner ads are popular and will quickly drive users to your online site. Want to target a specific audience, try Email Marketing. There are options for Print ads, and billboard advertising. You can even see Billboards around town advertising Eyemark Media. Billboard advertising provided by GreyOutdoor; www.greyoutdoor.com.


Review a full list of media choices on their website at: http://eyemarkmedia.com/media-buying. Eyemark Media is located at 2525 Distribution Street, Charlotte, NC. Phone:704-389-0099, or email John Simmons at jsimmons@eyemarkmedia.com.