Douglas Displays – Billboard Advertising – Located in Charlotte North Carolina

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Douglas Displays

Douglas Displays – Out-of-Home Advertising – Located in Charlotte North Carolina

Douglas Displays has been helping companies, small and large, since 1973. They are a nationwide Out-of-Home advertising and media management company. They work with large and small businesses, franchisees, and full-service ad agencies. Their goal is to provide the best solutions to meet your advertising needs. They have an experienced staff with knowledge of market rates and products, so you the client, will receive the best available price.

Media Mix

Douglas Displays will provide you with solutions from traditional billboard advertising to the latest alternative media. They all also do all the work for your advertising campaign. From managing and consolidating the contracting process, to providing market research and producing artwork. Additionally, Douglas Displays will coordinate the production process and installation, create custom invoices, and monitor your ad campaigns for the life of the contract. They are truly an advertising turn-key operation. If you are considering expanding your market reach, want to streamline and simplify your current ad programs, Douglas Displays has the resources.


Visit their website at to see what products and services are offered and find them. Douglas Displays partners with companies and agencies to provide objective and innovative results. They know that their clients rely on their research in products and locations, that are also cost effective. They know their success depends on the success and satisfaction of their clients, that is why they are committed to providing the best advertising campaign at the best price. Their creative team has over 150 years of combined knowledge and experience. Since Douglas Displays doesn’t own any Out-of-Home media you can be assured that their recommendations are based on the effective use of the product they place for the advertiser.

Billboard Contacts

You can contact Douglas Displays at 704-536-3844, go online at There you can submit a request form, or stop in at 7506 E. Independence Blvd., Suite 124 in Charlotte North Carolina. Also, while in the area you will also see billboard ads provided by Grey Outdoor, LLC ( These billboards will direct you to their clients products or services, and help you find your way around the area.