Shooters Choice – Wilmington North Carolina’s Indoor Gun Range

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Shooters Choice – Wilmington North Carolina’s Indoor Gun Range

Shooters Choice is located at 6789 Gordon Road in Wilmington, NC. The range has eight lanes with distances of twenty-five yards (seventy-five feet). The lanes are well-lit and ventilated providing a safe atmosphere to enjoy your time shooting. Shooter’s Choice also has a retail shop.

Authorized Dealer

They are an authorized dealer for almost all major firearm manufacturers including: Springfield Armory, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Kimber, Ruger, Para-Ordnance and Sig Sauer. You can buy, sell or rent guns. You can even accessorize your weapons, and if Shooter’s Choice doesn’t have what you are looking for, they can order it for you. They have rental guns available for most of the major manufacturers allowing you to try before you buy. They also offer layaway at no extra charge. Their retail shop also buys and sells many used firearms. Stop in and check out their inventory.


Shooters Choice also offers classes. Their personal shooting lesson is a one-on-one lesson, specifically designed to meet your goals. This class is ideal for the beginner, and rental guns are available for this class at no additional charge. For the ladies, every Monday night at 6:30, enjoy a night of shooting. The evening includes instructor, a gun rental, ammunition, target and lane rental. There is also a Conceal Carry Class, not for beginners, and you will need to bring your own equipment. Several instructors have experience training active law enforcement and military, so lessons are available for shooters of any level.


You can see a full list of pricing on their website at: Shooter’s Choice takes shooting very seriously. You are required to follow their rules, failure to do so, may result in removal from the range. They are located at 6789 Gordon Road in Wilmington, NC. While in the area you will also see bill-board ads provided by Grey Outdoor Advertising ( directing you to their location. For hours of operation, range prices, and more call: 910-350-0486.