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Grey, Mason, Veda and Sarah Vick

Company of the Day – Grey Outdoor by Billboard Insider

Grey Vick is a friend of and regular contributor to Billboard Insider. Grey Outdoor Billboards began operations in Spring 2014 and continues to grow throughout North and South Carolina. Grey has been involved in the outdoor advertising industry since 2007.

Insider recently had the opportunity to get an update on Grey Outdoor from the company’s founder Grey Vick.

Last time we talked, you owned about 220 structures and managed another 15. Since then, I know you added a few through acquisitions. What is your current count?

Thanks John, currently we have 281 structures in our inventory, 25 of those are managed structures.

Grey, you have always had great success growing your business organically. Why do you think you have been so effective in finding, permitting, and building out locations?

There are a lot of factors that have allowed us to be successful. Mainly, just going out there and trying. The first step to accomplishing anything is to believe you can do it, even when most everyone says it’s not possible. Then taking action on what you believe is possible to make it a reality. After that, following up with persistent and focused actions has probably been the key to most of the success in growing organically. Also learning from mistakes and applying those experiences. Most of all being fair and honest. Then people will go out of their way to help you.

How many of your structures have digital faces? What criteria do you look for in building out a digital location? 

Grey, Mason, Veda and Sarah Vick

Grey, Mason, Veda and Sarah Vick


Currently we have 15 digital faces and 3 more going up in the next couple of weeks. The criteria we look for in a digital location is the obvious, a stoplight or slow-moving traffic where people have time to read multiples faces. Also, areas where there is limited inventory, and all static signs remain full. A digital with fast moving traffic may do well with running less slots than normal.

I know family is important to you. Bring us up to date on the Vick family? 


Yes, we are so blessed with our son Mason (3) and our daughter Veda (1)


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