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1st Choice Bail Bonds – Goldsboro NC

Located in Goldsboro, NC, near the Wayne County Courthouse, 1st Choice is a full service, certified Bail Bonding Company. Our agents are located near all jails in North Carolina, offering free consultations, and are available 24 hours a day. Bail can be posted by paying cash, asset liquidation, or a 15% payment to the company, with payment plans offered on qualified bonds. 1st Choice Bail Bonds is family owned, serving Eastern NC since 2003. Their honesty, trustworthiness, and commitment to their clients and community, prove you can depend on them in your time of need. They believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and deserves a second chance. Call their office at 919-288-2161, or by cell phone at 919-273-1908. They are located at 309 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro, NC, or visit them online at: www.1stchoicebailbondsnc.com.