Supreme Choice Healthcare – Located in Kinston North Carolina

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Supreme Choice Healthcare – Located in Kinston North Carolina

Supreme Choice Health Care is a Developmental Disabilities and Aging Service provider. They provide services to adults and children who are mentally impaired, developmentally delayed, or suffer from chronic illness. Supreme Choice Healthcare also offers services for those who are at risk for placement in Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF), nursing, or other long-term care facilities.


Their services are provided in the home of consumers and are regulated by the State of North Carolina and Managed Care Organizations. Their services are a top priority and are provided in a safe and productive environment. It is their mission to provide healthcare services that are effective in nature, presented with quality and carried out with class, respect, and dignity. There are many purposes of Supreme Choice Healthcare. First and foremost, one purpose is to provide cost competitive service while allowing clients to stay at home while receiving care. Additionally, they help with daily living skills, work to develop therapeutic relationships, work as care liaisons, and educate family members.

Licensed and Insured

They are also a licensed home care provider for counties within a 90-mile radius from their home care location in Kinston, NC. They provide in home aide services to individuals who need assistance with two or more daily living skills. Other in-home care services provided are: In-home aide services, CAP for disabled adults, CAP/C for children, and also pediatric nursing, attendant care, personal care, and respite services. They also provide a Fall Prevention Program. One of the goals of Supreme Choice Health Care to provide services in environments that are free from hazards and dangers that would contribute to slips and falls. I


f you are looking for a health care service for a family or friend, contact Supreme Choice Health Care at 1-866-859-9271. Website:; Located at 1100 Hardee Rd. Kinston, NC. Can’t find their location? Look for bill-board ads provided by Grey Outdoor Advertising ( directing you to their location.