Sell your Billboard or Cell Tower Lease

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Sell Your Billboard Lease or Cell Tower Lease

We pay cash for billboard leases or cell tower leases. If you are a landowner and have a bill apes or cell tower on your property we can help you receive a lump sum for your lease agreement. Receive a no obligation offer for your billboard or cell tower lease within 24 hours. If you are looking to receive a lump sum for your billboard or cell tower lease call us today. We can many times give you an instant offer to buy out your lease contract and can close quickly.

Ease of Transactions

We can handle all the details of the transaction and will pay all the closing costs to sell your Bilboard or Cell Tower lease. By selling your billboard or cell tower lease you will not pay taxes as ordinary income but base the tax rate on the basis of your property so you may not have any tax liability to sell your lease. Don’t sell your entire property to pay off debt or make other investments, sell your lease to receive a lump sum of cash. We have decades of experience in the real estate business and can answer any questions before you move forward with the transaction. Call us today at 910-620-5168 to receive a no obligation offer.

Sell Your Lease Today

are you a landowner and getting paid monthly or annually for a billboard land lease? are you interested in receiving a no obligation offer to buy out your land lease contract? call us today at 910-620-5168. We also buy cell tower leases. We can close quickly within 3 business days and pay you top dollar for your billboard lease contract. Call us today at 910-620-5168 to receive a an offer for cash. All land leases are considered and will be paid out in a lump sum. Stop receiving small checks and get a big check you can use to pay for more important matters. Land lease income is taxed at a higher rate than a lease buyout. This income is taxed at capital gains rates and has a higher tax basis to trigger minimal to no gain on the sale. For more information about this program call 910-620-5168