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Midgley Insurance

Midgley Insurance is a real estate & Insurance agency at Bennettsville, SC to help you with your real estate investments. They possess the expertise to help you with owning your own home, and can guide you through the steps of owning a home. With their knowledge of the area and an understanding of your present and future needs, they can help you manage your expectations and help you have your home with complete peace of mind. If you are a home seller, they can suggest practical improvements to your property to get top dollar, and consult you on complicated questions on your real estate transactions. They are deeply knowledgeable about Bennettsville, and can help with choosing a location that is right for your budget and your and your family’s needs. Their website http://midgleyagencyrealty.com/ lets you search for real estate by area and location. To contact them please call 843-479-6821, or fax 843-479-7898, or send an email to midgley@mecsc.net. Midgley Agency, Inc. is located at 106 N. Liberty Street, Bennettsville, SC 29512.