Leland NC Digital Billboard Available For Rent

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Leland NC Digital Billboard

Leland NC Digital Billboard Available for Rent

AWe have a brand new digital billboard on Highway 17 in Leland NC Between Magnolia Greens & Waterford Developments. This area is booming with development and our billboard sign can help your business grow in this area. Make a big impression with this large 10×36 ft billboard sign. We have digital ads available for the short term or longer term tenant. Your Billboard ads can be updated daily or weekly. The billboard can also be updated to run different ads in the morning and different ads in the night time.

This billboard is running 24/7 and lit brightly to help your business get noticed in the Leland NC and Northern Brunswick County area. Many new residents are moving to the Leland area from Wilmington NC and many other cities and states up and down the East Coast. These residents are looking for places to go, so get your advertisement on our billboard sign to let them know where to go.

5 Reasons to Use Billboard Advertising to Grow your Business

  1. Billboard Ads Cannot be Cut off, Blocked, Skipped Over, Or Thrown Away
  2. Billboards work 24/7 for your business
  3. Billboards are Less Expensive than other Mediums Per Impression
  4. New Technology Allows Updating Ads Real Time
  5. Impact is Huge to make a Big Impression for your business & Target Certain Geographic Areas

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are a great way to grow your business. You can change the ads on a consistent basis and update the ads for new events, sales, or current trends. Many customers change their ads for the morning and the afternoon or the beginning of the week versus the weekend. We have (16) 8 second ads that can be updated in an instant. To learn more ways to use this billboard sign call Grey Vick at 910-620-5168 or email greybillboards@outlook.com

Advertising Trends

Advertising budgets are moving to digital billboards, due to the flexibility of changing the copy in Real Time. It is also great for updating the sign for new events happening in the area.

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