Kellum Law Firm – Injury Lawyers – Locations throughout North Carolina

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kellum law firm

Kellum Law Firm – Injury Lawyers – Locations throughout North Carolina

For 40 years Kellum Law Firm has helped the people of North Carolina by negotiating fair and reasonable settlements. It’s what they do. They will negotiate your case with an insurance company, and if needed, take your case to trial. The experts at Kellum Law “Are with you all the way.” They have an experienced team of lawyers that specialize in several areas of case compensation.

Practice Areas

At Kellum Law, they help the North Carolina working family, specializing in Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability cases. One of the most asked questions they receive are about settling a case. For most personal injury lawsuits, it can take an average of two to three years before a case is settled. The experts at Kellum Law will tell you each case is unique, and it is difficult to predict the exact amount of time it will take to settle the case. They always encourage their clients to keep moving forward, and make sure your lawyers and their staff are getting the job done. They also specialize in Auto Accidents, Injury, and Wrongful Death cases. Most clients are unsure if they even have a personal injury case. This is another big question folks have.

Why Kellum?

The lawyers at Kellum will explain, it is not always necessary to have a physical injury to bring a personal lawsuit. If you expected to be harmed in some way, this is caused to file suit. Of course, if you have suffered an injury to yourself or your property, this is reason to file suit as well. Sometimes the person that caused the harm may not be punished. However, they may be ordered to pay punitive damages in the hope of preventing the same kind of behavior in the future.


Call Kellum Law at 1-800-ACCIDENT, day or night to chat live with one of their lawyers. Throughout NC you will find billboards advertising Kellum Law Firm. The billboards are provided by Grey Outdoor Billboard Advertising ( Visit Kellum Law online at: