Fayetteville Area Visitors Bureau – Three Locations – Minutes from I-95

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fayetteville area visitors bureau

Fayetteville Area Visitors Bureau

If you are planning to visit the Fayetteville area, a must-stop is any of the three Fayetteville Area Visitor Bureaus in the area. All three locations are in Fayetteville and are just a few minutes from I-95. Their Main office is located at 245 Person Street, a second office at The Transportation and History Museum on 325 Franklin Street, and their satellite office at Cross Creek Mall.

About Fayetteville Area Visitors Bureau

The Fayetteville Area Visitors Bureau is a full-service convention and visitors bureau and is a private, not-for-profit organization. They assist leisure travelers, meeting planners, group tour operators, media and military reunion planners. Their staff serves as a liaison between visitors and the local hospitality industry. Each year more than 50,000 visitor guides are distributed and each department is ready to assist you. The Sales team will help you with special events, and the Visitor Information Department will help you locate hotels, restaurants, area attractions, and special events taking place within the communities of Cumberland County. Every year over 45 million people visit North Carolina and the FACVB staff, helps a small portion of these tourists. You can call 888-98-HEROES for more information.


The FACVB is more than just a visitor’s bureau; their programs support the community and promote individual growth within the community. Their (BRAC) Base Realignment and Closure program makes all solders and their families feel welcomed. The Army’s Army is the world’s only volunteer organization of everyday citizen and businesses who’ve pledged their support. They are doing everything to make military soldiers and families feel welcomed and safe in Cumberland. They really live “Support the troops.” Learn about all of their programs, like Golf on the Ready and Society of the Patriots at: www.visitfayettevillenc.com/about/programs.html.

Billboard Advertising

Notice billboard ads featuring Fayetteville Area Visitors Bureau. Get the word out through Grey Outdoor Billboards ads (www.greyoutdoor.com). If the FACVB is serious about promoting their services, than you must stop in on your next visit. Hours vary by locationat: Main office 910-483-5311, The Transportation and History Museum 910-323-9739, or Cross Creek Mall 910-864-0069.