Coastal Companion Care – In Home Assisted Living Care – Serving New Brunswick, New Hanover and Columbus Counties

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coastal companion care


About Coastal Companion Care

All of us are concerned with Health Care, especially caring for our aging loved ones. Coastal Companion Care provides assisted in-home living care to seniors and their families. What better care provisions can you have other than living in your own home, receiving assistance in all areas of daily living activities, and all done by Certified Nurse Aides (CNA), under the supervision of Registered Nurses (RN).

Located in Southport, North Carolina, Coastal Companion Care serves the communities of New Brunswick, New Hanover, and Columbus Counties. Operating since 2004, Joie and Hal Mahler left their successful careers in Raleigh, NC and moved into Brunswick County, where no in-home companion services existed. As the company grew and expanded into three counties, the Mahlers, sold the business to Mike Ramsey. Mike continues to serve the surrounding communities with the utmost companion care. Certified nurses and In-Home Aides provide customized care for each client, including some of the basic daily living needs, such as bathing, personal grooming, and meal preparation, but the caregiver services extend far beyond that.


Their trained nurses and in-home aides will also shop, run errands, transport seniors to and from doctor appointments, and other trips and outings. They will also help with the to-do list around the house, for example, helping with mail sorting, paying bills, caring for pets, and light house cleaning and gardening. It’s almost as if you were there yourself. Client coordination services are also available, including coordination with MDs and skilled services and medical equipment, long-term care planning, and more. See the website for a full list of services, To get started call Coastal Companion Care at 910-457-5300, and schedule an appointment to meet with Certified Senior Advisor and RN Client Coordinator team, or online at: Download the New Client Coupon, for three free hours of companion care. Coastal Companion Care is located at 5101 Southport-Supply Rd. SE #4, in Southport, North Carolina.