Services Grey Outdoor Billboards


Artwork & Design Services

We can help create effective and professional designs for your next billboard campaign. Design Considerations – KISS – Simple Designs / 10-15 Words Max / Loud & Contrasting Colors / Bold Text

Construction Services

We construct all types of billboard structures including I-Beams, Wooden, and Monopole signs. Our experienced team of billboard installers can help you with your toughest jobs and save you money! All of our signs are built to your local engineering standards and meet all local codes and ordinances. We may also be able to help you with permitting your structures.

Vinyl Installation & Sign Maintenance

We can handle any sign maintenance issue for your company. Whether you need a vinyl installed on your structure or need brush cut in front of your sign we can help.

Billboard Management

If you own billboards and would like to take the day to day management headaches off your plate, we can help. Call Grey Vick at 910-620 -5168 for more information about this opportunity You can also fill out the contact form at