Bethel Zion Ministries – Located in Green Sea, South Carolina

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Bethel Zion

Bethel Zion Ministries – Located in Green Sea, South Carolina

Bethel Zion Ministries was founded on Biblical principles whose focus is to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth, serve our generation and generations to come with the highest level of dignity and respect, and make disciples of Jesus Christ through teaching the unadulterated word of God. The folks at Bethel Zion Ministries is committed to feeding, clothing, housing, and educating the people of God placed in our care; therefore, ultimately empowering believers to excel in all areas of life.

Meet the Pastors

Meet the Pastors at Bethel Zion Ministries of Green Sea North Carolina, Pastors Lester & Phyllis Spain. Pastor Phyllis is, an anointed Bible teacher, and the mother of three lovely children: Lamar, Samone, and Monet. All their children have been marked for ministry with both the adult children currently working in the ministry full time with their parents. Pastor Phyllis Spain, a native of Loris, South Carolina, and began to preach God’s word in 1994. She is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Bethel Zion Ministries. Pastor Phyllis is supernaturally empowered by the Holy Spirit to usher God’s people to a place spiritually, financially, mentally, and socially.

Transforming Lives

Because of her commitment to God, His work, and His people, Pastor Phyllis has seen lives transformed. She has seen the hardest of sinners become intimate with God, walking in integrity. Together, Pastors Lester & Phyllis have committed to share God’s word with all nations. Their passion is to build the people of God to a place where they can acquire their divine purpose in God. They also want them to grow in their Faith with clarity and fulfill the calling on their lives.

Contact Information

Bethel Zion Ministries is located at 935 Green Sea Rd, in Green Sea, SC. Phone:843-756-9936, or online at: Bethel Zion Ministries also appears locally on billboards provided by Grey Outdoor Billboard Advertising ( Contact Grey Outdoor at 910-620-5168

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