ARM Well Drilling/Geothermal Hampstead NC

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ARM Well Drilling

Applied Resource Management (ARM) Well Drilling/Geothermal is your link to lower energy costs. If you’re looking at your summer cooling bills and wondering how you can lower your energy costs, ARM has the solution. Geothermal energy uses the heat from the earth’s underground temperature to provide a sustainable, efficient heating and cooling solution that is proven to lower your energy bills by anywhere from 30-70 percent. ARM provides complete Geothermal installation services including single well (pump & dump) installations, double well (pump & inject) installations, vertical loop installations, borehole drilling and supply and return manifold trenching and backfilling. They are accredited by the International Groundsource Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and will work with your preferred HVAC contractor. ARM services residential, commercial, and commercial clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. You can call them at (910) 270-2919. For more information about ARM’s products and services visit their website at